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Certification: Application Consultant Sales and Distribution for SAP System R/3 Release 4.0
Certificate ID: 0000996280
Fields of application:
-IT-field management
-Management consultation
-Consultation as to the implementation of individual software and SAP R/3
-Systems analyst
-Business management training
-Trainer, coach, training field

  Generell SAP
  module knowlegde:

-Conception and implementation of SD-training, also in English language
-Implementation of SAP R/3, modules SD, MM, PP, FICO
-Variant configuration, process analyses with ARIS
-SAP-technical system setting with reference to order processing by means of the variant configuration
-Basic knowledge, e.g. classification system, condition technique, sales document types, availability
-Overview of all modules by integrated view on the business process
-Interface areas to SD, CO/FI, MM, PP, PS
-EDI / IDOC problems, workflow, general SAP basic knowledge
-Application ASAP method
-Application SMM method
-Application ARIS
-Special SAP module knowledge SD: experience with the whole logistic chain in SAP, experience
  with the variant configuration, conceptual working out of customer demands, foreign-trade experience
-Special SAP module knowledge MM/PP: development of a business transaction with split-lot transfer
  of all modules in SAP from order entry, commercial, technical and temporary clarification, planning,
  manufacturing, packaging, delivery until invoicing and EDI on of individual software and SAP R/3
  SAP independent
Management consultation, organizational and IT-projects
- Management consultation, presales in the IT-environment, restructuring measures
  (consultation, definition and conception as well as realization)
- IT-OnDemand decisions
- Software validation according to quality guidelines
- DP-sided maintenance of the whole logistics process of an industrial company
- Coordination and organization of process adaptations and modifications
- DP-sided maintenance of the whole administrative area in a trading and manufacturing company
- Cooperation in different project groups regarding development, drawing up, integration test and      
- Implementation of individual software
- Implementation of standard software in mainframe and PC / work station area
- Installation of software and hardware, update-service (mainframe and PC area)
- System programming of laser printer systems
- System and method support, system analysis
- Organizational programming (batch and online)
- Organization of an export -control system incl. program requirements, testing, implementation and
- Interface planning in the logistics process environment between existing and newly developed
- UNIX, PC-systems, BS 2000, IBM-environment
- Validation of software according to GMP-norms
- Export control orders
  - Knowledge of organizational methods and processes
- Pre-studies, analyses
- Specialist design
- DV-technical design
- Realization
- Integration
- Handover / maintenance
- Application / training / maintenance
  International training area & user training
- Conceptual preparation of user trainings
- Development and drawing up of training concepts
- Implementation of user training
- Workshops
- Seminars
- Weekend trainings
  management & EDP
General business management knowledge
- Commercial functions of an industrial company, plant data collection
- FIBU/BEBU and accounting
- Wage and salary accounting (human resources)
- Order logistics
- Insurance business: all branches
- General tax law and conducting
- Forms (CI)
  DP-system knowledge
- Systems: IBM, Siemens, VAX mainframe environment
- Operating systems: VM, DOS/VSE, BS2000, UNIX
- DB/DC-systems: CICS/DMS/VS, VSAM
- Languages: COBOL, Pascal, Easycase, SIRON ABAP/4 knowledge
- Tools: DP-project management, methods and techniques of actual analysis and methodical
  implementation of projects with OfficeWare, SMM, ARIS, ASAP standard software, generally current
  versions (e.g. operating system and office products), Visio, MS-project, Mindmanager, diverse project
  management tools, controlling instruments, Citrix experience, and much more...

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