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  SAP project

Siemens AG Anlagenbau Kundeneinzelfertigung [systems engineering to customer order]
- Complete replacement of the individual software used (process environment) in all business areas
- Partial project leadership SD: interfaces to PP and MM, taking into consideration the variant
- Project involvement: main focus on SD and variant configuration
- Development of a target concept on the basis of a previous actual analysis of the individual
  business areas with focus on process re-engineering and feasibility R/3 as well as adaptation
  and restructuring measures for the internal organization by means of the SMM-SAP R/3
  implementation method
  (certified according to BS 5750)
- Development of a suitable prototype for the delivery system with respective customizing measures
  (adaptation to all Siemens requirements) as well as export control, foreign trade, drawing up and
  realization of module tests and integration tests in the whole chain, taking into consideration the
  affected modules MM, PP, CO/FI and the variant configuration
- Preparation of rollout strategy for the individual business areas
- Development of SD customer-specific trainings
- Release 3.0F

Siemens AG

- Partial project leadership SD: main focus on BPR and structure analyses, whole logistics
  process, taking into consideration the customer-specific internal structure (component and
  system processes, project handling with large systems as well as service emergencies,
  determination of business processes in relation to customer order processes in R/3 module SD
  with interfaces to LVS, MM, PP, CO as well as customizing in SD)
- Concept and documentation of R/3 processes
- Testing of customer-specific settings and passing by the specialist department
- Examination of the R/3 PS-module regarding applicability in Siemens large-scale projects for
  systems construction, development of the distribution information system
- Maintenance of the customer-specific addons in the SD environment (project, testing and
- Support of basic activities and analysis of abnormal program termination with respective additional
  activities, tests of customer-specific interfaces, e.g. export control
- Release 3.0F

Electronics & mechanical engineering – enterprises
- Partial project leadership SD: overview trainings and trainings in the SD environment
- Preparatory activities for project launch, review of actual systems, project structure, scheduling
- Development of the corporate structure in the R/3 environment, taking into consideration
  international processes and demands
- Release 3.1H
Overall project leadership car manufacturing supplier, USA, Washington
- Implementation according to ASAP method for the modules SD, MM, FI/CO, HR and initialized PP
- Release 3.1G
Sports articles manufacturer and distributor
- Advanced examinations
- Feasibility studies with SAP R/3 (FI module) and replacement of individual software
- Release 3.1G
  Siemens AG
- Organization, conception and documentation integration test SAP R/3 for the whole business area,
  taking into consideration the internal structures and processes. Planning and organization of
  CATT tests
- Release 4.0
- SVI / Gerling Konzern [group]
- Implementation SAP in the insurance environment with variant configuration for insurance
  environment (SAP branch solution)

myonic GmbH
- Overall leadership and organization / coordination and conception
- Implementation 3.1I in an existing SAP system of the myonic AG as individual area, all modules
  FI/CO/AA, SD, MM; PP. Data migration from earlier systems
- Overall international leadership change of release from 3.1I to 4.7 Enterprise (620) within ½ year
  and going productive
- Conception / organization and restructuring of the company with replacement IT structure by
  outsourcing incl. CITRIX worldwide. Takeover of the whole processes incl. SAP and release
  changeover SAP
- Introduction of a SAP customer-specific variant configuration in SAP
- Additional linking of sales office UK – rollout UK in SAP
- Transfer of the whole SAP label printing system for assembly and manufacturing
- Development of a customer-specific authorization system in the SAP environment
- Overall international leadership change of release from  4.7 Enterprise (620) to ECC 6.0 within
  4 month and going productiveImplementation SAP BI with SAP Netweaver
- Implementation SAP-Content Server with conversion from file based to database repository in SAP
- Training supervisor end user, key user and others
- Basis support and monitoring the SAP- environment (support IT-Outsourcer)
- Management consultation – process consultation for the  SAP and NonSAP environment,
  project reviews, IT OnDemand

- Monitoring CI of the whole company
- Validation of SAP software after project implementation
- International area leadership in the SAP / IT environment

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